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Creating a new API brings up this screen:

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Here, you must specify a name for this version of your API, a base path and you can choose to create a new API Version from a template, or copy an existing one. If you choose to copy, all settings, implementations and API specification information will be copied over to your new version.


  • OpenAPI 2 Hello World
    This is a simple hello-world API with one operation that returns a hello message. It is written to use OpenAPI specification version 2.
  • OpenAPI 3 Hello World
    This is a simple hello-world API with one operation that returns a hello message. It is written to use OpenAPI specification version 3.
  • Petstore
    The Swagger Petstore application is a more complete example of an API with many different operations.
  • Blank
    An empty API, with no operations defined.

Copying from another API

You can choose to copy from an existing API, this will copy everything except for the name and base path.

When copying, you can select one of the existing APIs to copy from.

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Creating from API Version JSON

Instead of copying from an API, you can also choose to paste in the complete API Version JSON structure, as previously exported from an API implementation.

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Note that you can find documentation about this format here: Data Structures - it is the same format used in the administration API, and also documented in OpenAPI specification, see: Admin API

The created API

After creating the API, click it to see the details.


You can click "API Version details..." to show and edit the details for the API:

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Here, you can also add additional tags, and edit the basic information on the API, such as the name, description and base path - as well as the CORS and private flags.


When loading from remote, you can choose to load it directly from an URL (in which case, Ceptor Console and API Gateway will load from the URL you specify directly) or you can choose to load from a configured proxied destination. In the latter case, Ceptor API Gateway will load the OpenAPI description from one of the available target servers in your destination - see Implementing APIs for more details.

Converting from OpenAPI v2 to OpenAPI v3

If your API is in OpenAPI v2 / Swagger format, you can convert it to OpenAPI v3 if you wish to do so, just click the "Convert" toolbar button that appears if your OpenAPI format matches version 2.

Editing API JSON directly

If you prefer, you can also edit the API Version JSON directly - the format is documented in Data Structures

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This can be very useful if you want to use the Admin API for updating API Versions, since it allows you to generate the API implementation elsewhere and either upload the changes using the Admin API, or via the API Designer user interface here directly.

It can also be used as a method of copying an API from one environment to another if you have completely separate Ceptor installations.

OpenAPI Specification

You can edit the specification either directly by clicking the Edit button, or in the UI, by editing the operation or its parameters.