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The developer portal can be customized to some extent.

All customization is done in the web application folder under pp/ppserver/developerportal.

HTML Pages

There are three pages that can be configured. Either the pages can be manually changed or the configuration can be changed to point to new pages.

The configuration is placed in ceptor-configuration.xml - and the pages must be located inside the web application folder ppserver/developerportal/VAADIN/themes/devportaltheme (as the default pages are).

Error page configuration
<group name="html" description="HTML application settings">
	<property name="html.noconnection" value="noconnection/noconnection.html" description="No-connection page showed on the front page"/>
	<property name="html.startup" value="startup/startup.html" description="Startup page showed on the front page"/>
	<property name="html.welcome" value="welcome/welcome.html" description="Welcome HTML showed after login"/>

Startup Page

The default startup page looks like this

And can be changed or completely replaced through the property "html.startup". New folders can be created in the same location as the startup folder if needed.

If a completely new page is made - linking to the login dialog is done by adding an HTML link with the following href (or a piece of javascript doing the same):

  • href="javascript:parent.io.ceptor.apimanagement.developerportal.login()"

By calling this javascript the login dialog will appear and change away from the startup page if login is successful.

No Connection Page

This page is shown if there is no connection from the developer portal to the Ceptor config server or session controller. As with the startup page it can be changed or completely replaced as needed.

Welcome Page

The welcome page is the page shown after the developer is logged in to the developer portal. By default this page is not shown - it can be turned on by changing the property

Welcome page configuration
<property name="portal.showwelcome" value="false" description="true/false - show the welcome page after login"/>

If it is turned on - an additional menu item "Welcome" is added to the developer portal menu at the top. This page will also be the default page shown after login.

This page could be used to show company information, API updates, etc. Information relevant for your installation.

A default page is provided which contains lirum/larum text, as this is a page typically customized if needed.

Login Dialog and Menu Logo

The logo on the login dialog can be changed through the configuration.

<property name="portal.logo" value="../devportaltheme/img/ceptor.svg" description="Logo shown in the login dialog and menu"/>

It is the same logo shown in both the login dialog and the left side menu, 

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