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Welcome to Ceptor Docs

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Need an overview ?

Check out What is Ceptor !!!

Just installed Ceptor ?

Are you installing Ceptor for the first time, please refer to Ceptor Getting Started. Also have a look at How a requests flows through Ceptor

Otherwise, you might want to start looking at Ceptor Console and Ceptor Gateway.


Looking for API Management ?

Get started with Ceptor API Management by reading the quick guide hereQuick Guide

Note: Ceptor was previously named PortalProtect. When writing PortalProtect or Ceptor PortalProtect, we mean Ceptor.

More information

Get more information, etc. at https://dk.asseco.com/solutions-services/solutions/software-for-security-api-management/

Need assistance?

Technical Questions:


Commercial Questions:


Or call: +45 33 36 46 60

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