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Welcome to Ceptor Docs

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Are you installing Ceptor for the first time, please refer to Ceptor Getting Started.

Otherwise, you might want to start looking at Ceptor Console and Ceptor Gateway.


New in Ceptor 6.2:

Ceptor API Management adds display of API Usage / Analytics inside Ceptor Console when viewing/editing APIs and on Dashboards


New in Ceptor 6: Ceptor API Management

Get started with Ceptor API Management here: Getting Started with Ceptor API Management.

Get an overview by reading: Quick Guide

Note: Ceptor was previously named PortalProtect. When writing PortalProtect or Ceptor PortalProtect, we mean Ceptor.

More information

Get more information, pricing etc. at https://ceptor.io/

Need assistance?

Technical Questions:


Commercial Questions:


Or call: +45 33 36 46 60

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